Since the dawn of civilization man has struggled with the loss of a loved one and all too often it is understood too late, when they have already departed. However, it is possible to revive this sense of comfort through the memory of cherished words, unforgettable moments and the power of love.

In days gone by, particularly in the early 1900s, when young sailors used to put their lives in jeopardy due to perilous voyages, they began to write vows of faith, hope and love.

These vows were subsequently entrusted to monks who lived in isolated areas.

Prior to placing them on the trunks of olive trees, the monks meticulously wrote the details of both the authors of the vows and their respective recipients.

Upon the return of sailors, the monks (or Vow keepers) would provide the sailors or their recipients with returned vows under written instructions.

However, people’s curiosity grew and eventually it became necessary for the monks to use small padlocks to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of the vows. The popularity of these love locks grew during the World War and the use became more widespread prompting people from all walks of life who had a platonic love, a committed, unique love or even a romantic love.

Man has always needed love, to be remembered and to live on in the hearts and minds of their loved ones such as a devoted parent, a loyal friend or even a special love.

“Absence makes the heart grow fonder” and these locks which became known as “Locks of Vows” paved the way for couples whether married or not, parents to their children and of course cherished friends to avail of an innovative way of conveying their undying love and their legacy, through time!!