The client by depositing the monetary amount agrees to the following:

Safekeeping of the oath Vows for 365 days, from the day the oath is placed and locked. After 365 days have elapsed, the client will be asked whether he/she agrees or disagrees with the continuation of safekeeping. In the first case, the client proceeds to deposit the annual monetary amount for 365 days’ custody. In the second case he/she informs that he/she does not wish to continue the oath safekeeping and the envelope/oath is returned to him/her unless requested to be sent to another person on his /her behalf.

In the event of loss due to mismanagement, improper storage, the customer is entitled to a full compensation of the annual fee, irrespective of the first or last day of storage.

The company in the framework of personal data protection provisions cannot provide information about the client’s personal data even if requested by the client. The company is obliged to refrain from social networking platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, which may harm the protection of the customer’s personal data.

The Company is obliged to safeguard the client’s file in an appropriate manner.

The company may not, under personal data protection provisions, grant the number of project participants for personal, statistical or any other purposes whatsoever.

The company may, under its personal data protection provisions, maintain a list of personal return passwords for each customer separately and use the security question only during the follow-up or cessation process, for the sole purpose of verifying customer’s identification.

The company may communicate with the customer (by e-mail) only once a year, in the context of personal data protection provisions, that is, only when sending a follow-up or returning an oath query. The company may violate the security padlock, only if the customer no longer wishes to continue guarding, and wishes to have his file returned.

The company provides a guard service and not an item sales service, which is why any deficiencies in LOV boxes (materials, etc.) are replaced by the company at no extra cost to the client.

The company is not responsible for the content of the vows, as it never has access to its content.