Check it step by step

Express your interest for the love ritual of Locks of Vows, by filling in the pre order form.

You will receive a Lock vacancy mail confirmation, as soon as there is one!

At the same time you will receive further instructions, regarding annual payment details, periodic choice of safekeeping etc.

Contracts that are currently active for Short or Long Term Safekeeping:

{Short Term Safekeeping – 365 days, 180,00€}

{Long Term Safekeeping – indefinite, 150,00€ per year}

After that, you will receive via post, the box containing the Locks of Vows, items.

Further Instructions:

Step 1

Write down your vows, using the existing wooden pen and letterhead or any kind of paper you choose. Include date, signature and of course the vow receiver name, in case you choose your vows to be send to somebody after the conclusion of safekeeping.

Step 2

Seal the envelope with your unique stamp and sealing wax. (Wet the bottom of the seal with water to avoid destruction of the stamp during the process). You may use the old twine, to tie your envelope, it’s up to you. Tie your Vows, Wax seal your Vows, Stamp your Vows!

Step 3

Place the sealed envelope within the shipping folder.

Step 4

Fill in your name and address as the sender, and send your sealed vows, to our appointed Lawyer:

Mr Dimitrios Katsios / Locks of Vows / PO BOX 1012 TK 45001 / Ioannina / Greece

After subsequent cross-checking of the correspondence provisions, he will draft the receipt and advancement protocol to us for safekeeping.

Following this procedure, we will hand receive your sealed envelope, transport it to the original field and lock it in your numbered mailbox / safe box.

Your first 365 days of safekeeping will start from the date of safekeeping protocol (That is from the lock-in date).

Before 365 days elapsed, you will be asked via mail if you wish to keep the custody for a specific or indefinite time. (In that case you will proceed to deposit the annual monetary amount for 365 days’ custody (180$) and you will receive a 1st year key ring to adapt to your key).

If you do not wish to continue the Vow custody / Vow safekeeping any more, (Vows and Lock will be broken) and your sealed envelope will be sent back to you at your postal address.