A wooden stamp chess soldier (the guard)
A wooden pen,(the twig) to write down your vows
A sealing wax cantle, (the fingerprint oath)
A string to tie your vows, (the solemnity knot)
THE KEY (the one item to keep secret and hidden)
An envelope for your Vows
Paper to write down your Vows
An envelope to mail your Vows

Yes there is!! You have to take into consideration the fact, that almost every component is handmade or hand chosen.  Also the LOV envelopes are hand delivered and placed in the wooden locks. After expressing your interest to participate to the LOV project, you will receive a (vacancy) mail, if you are still interest we will proceed. The waiting list acts as a deterrent to those who consider the LOV as a passing craze.
After all, our motto is: “ONLY TIME WILL TELL.”

Absolutely Yes! Our Obligation is for 365 days of safekeeping not for selling items.

Only if the Vow receivers living under the same roof! You have to take into consideration, the fact that the Vow receiver actually receives the one sealed envelope of your Vows.

365 days! Your vows will remain guarded during the four seasons, of winter, spring, summer and autumn.

If you place specific orders with us, (Return Vows to me – Destroy Vows – Send Vows to:….)what will do with your Vows in cases like that, we will of course proceed as agreed! Otherwise we shall endeavor to contact you and likewise return the Vow envelope, to the address of the specific author.

Before the end of the 365 days, you will be asked via mail if you wish to keep the custody for a specific or indefinite time. (In that case you will receive a 1st year key ring to adapt to your key). If you do not wish to keep the custody any more, your sealed envelope will be returned to you at your postal address.

The original field is situated in the Region of Epirus Greece, St. John’s monastery ruins, founded in 1906.  We discovered and maintained the field in its original form. In order to respect the original will of the monks, the exact location cannot be revealed, “Due to people’s curiosity and the fear of the vows being leaked”, the monks were forced to lock their vows by using small “padlocks of all kinds” to secure their confidentiality.

Beyond the LOV start pack you will enjoy, 365 days / year 24/7 guarded safekeeping, consisting in 3 daily guard shifts of 8 hours each – confidentiality and privacy service.

The annual membership includes also: guards payroll, Vows transportation to the original field, maintenance and administration expenses.

No, you will not. In fact, during the entire period of safekeeping, you will not receive any annoying messages from us. After your vows remain guarded during the four seasons, (winter, spring, summer, autumn), you will be asked, if you want to continue the safekeeping of your vows, or if you want your Vows to be returned to you!

Our proposal is to recycle them. All you have to keep is your key, and perhaps the soldier (guard) seal stamp as a reminder.

Only Time will Tell

The L.O.V. Team