locks of vows

Locks of Vows

Time will tell

Embrace a lifetime of love and devotion, commitment: Locks of Vows.

A true Love Ritual, for more than a century.

Revive the forgotten sense of comfort through the memory of cherished words, unforgettable moments and the power of love, by writing down your love Vows, and trust us to guard them, for as long as your love Vows are valid.

Hand write and Lock, your perpetual Love Vows, (feelings, messages, timeless love Confessions), through time!

locks of vows

The Project

The story behind the project

Faithfully following the legend, we found the original, (since 1906 Monastery ruins), land field and we placed handmade (monastery door replicas), guarded safes with padlocks so your vows would be in close proximity to the earth and nature. This fenced field is guarded 365 days / year, 24/7, with 3 daily guard shifts of 8 hours each.

Upon receipt of your sealed envelope from our appointed lawyer, we place it in its individual safe and we lock it. The only key that opens this lock is in your possession, therefore confidentiality and privacy is guaranteed.

Your vows will subsequently remain guarded during the four seasons, (winter, spring, summer and autumn), you will then be asked, if you want to continue the safekeeping of your vows, or if you want your Vows to be returned to you!

locks of vows

How it works

Check it step by step

Express your interest for the love ritual of Locks of Vows, by filling the pre order form.

You will receive a Lock vacancy mail confirmation, as soon as there is one!

At the same time you will receive further instructions, regarding payment details, periodic choices of safekeeping etc.

After that, you will receive via post, the box containing the Locks of Vows.